Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Hasty Addendum: Factoring in Artifacts and 4-Set

Okay so... remember when I said that the numbers I posted on the previous blog post were a lowball estimation?

Yeah, I decided to get in some more work on the spreadsheet and they were indeed a fairly lowball estimation.

My process here is basically to multiply the number of tiger palms by 1 or 2 (depending on whether or not the 4-set is marked as active) plus the percentage chance to proc an extra second of cooldown reduction via Face Palm (1 times (% chance) = % chance)). And that kinda really started to escalate pretty wildly. See the nice tables below! Like the original thought experiment, these show how many more charges you would get with 10% haste than with zero haste across 10 minutes, but now factoring in Face Palm and the 4-set bonus alongside that additional 10% haste. So in other words, the benefits of getting all those traits alongside the haste increase.

So already, we're seeing a VAST improvement here, even still at 10% haste. These values are not accounting for haste also providing straight CDR on our brew charges. With just the 4-set, we're already higher than just haste CDR. So let's see how this works out with haste CDR:

So that's actually a lot. Because I used my spreadsheet to get these numbers, I was also able to see the total number of charges you are able to use across that 10 minute fight with these variables. For Light Brewing, with 3 ranks in Face Palm, the 4-set, and haste providing CDR, you would generate 158.36 charges with perfect play.

So remember when I said that 100 charges meant 100% uptime on ISB? This means that you'd have 58 purifies across 10 minutes... which is actually not that bad, at once every 10.3 seconds. Assuming you aren't tank swapping, that is. Still, that's insane, and because everything likes to compound on itself as you get more haste, that's going to rise if you get even more haste. it might become a bit... insane. The only problem is that this is a very extreme scenario which while it shows just how powerful our artifact traits and 4 set are alongside haste, doesn't show us a good representation of how haste works when those perks are a constant, while changing how much haste there is.

Those are both the tables for haste with CDR scaling and without, and we're seeing a much more consistent (and reasonable) picture here. To give some perspective, without haste CDR, but with 3 ranks in Face Palm and the 4-set, Light Brewing provides a max of 144.30 charges across 10 minutes (or full ISB coverage + 44 purifies). Compared to with haste CDR and the same parameters, Light Brewing provides the aforementioned 158.36 charges (full ISB coverage + 58 purifies). So adding haste scaling will, for most higher end Brewmasters, provide a max of 14 additional charges over a 10 minute fight, which reduces the average number of purifies from once every 13.6 seconds to once every 10.3 seconds. So it's a pretty significant benefit, though not insanely so.

But let's also think about scaling beyond 10% haste. If we still maintain that haste will provide CDR, going from 10% haste to 20% haste is another additional 21.87 charges with LB, 3 FP, and 4-set, bringing you to a total of 180.2 charges over 10 minutes... which is a bit insane.

Doing so without haste providing CDR but otherwise with the same parameters will only provide an additional 6.53 charges, getting up to 150.83 generated in total, which sounds far more manageable. Of course, to get to 20% haste, that's in live about 1800 haste rating, which is a good deal.

It's hard to decide what would work best... haste providing CDR means that it's MUCH more effective per additional charge gained, making it more lucrative, but it could make the spec super difficult to play (again, this is a VERY hard thing to truly predict without actually playing the spec) or actually overpowered, with the silly amount of charges that are possible for you to generate. On the other hand, without haste providing CDR, with 4 set and 3 FP, you'd still need about 1300 haste rating (at 100) with LB in order to get an additional charge per minute (9/2.45 = 3.673 TP's, 3.673*25 = 91.83 energy, 91.83/60 = 1.53 Er/S, 1.53 *900 = 1377.55 haste rating), which would make haste extremely inefficient. It really does need that scaling to be effective.

If I had to pick either or... I'd go with haste scaling. It might be chaotic, but at least haste would finally see a good use.

Also, as a request by LeBlue: "NEED BREWMASTERS GIF NAOW THX"

See ya next time!


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